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Founded in 2002, KingCamp brand has become one of the professional brands in the manufacturing and distribution of outdoor gears in more than 46 countries worldwide, providing excellent products aimed at satisfying the needs of our clients and their relationship with nature. KingCamp is not only a brand, but also a concept which reflected in the design and function of products to serve the comfort, needs, and security of our clients while respecting the environment. KingCamp is not only an outdoor brand, but also a concept of lifestyle which reflected in the design and function of products to elevate clients' enjoyment of life while joining the outdoor activities.

KingCamp develops continuously a wide range of products covering outdoor activities of camping, hiking, travel, and leisure. Each product design is based on the specific requirements of our clients and the comments from our testers who use the products in extreme outdoor conditions. KingCamp incorporates the most advanced technology in machinery, manufacturing techniques and materials to produce the item which are subject to our strictest quality control. KingCamp works with famous European designers to guarantee our products always in the world class level and in the same step of design trends in outdoor developments worldwide.


Our mission is to help people live in harmony with nature. To KingCamp, the great outdoors is not a solo adventure but a life with your family, your loved one, and your friends. Love yourself, love your family, love your friends, love nature, keep harmony with nature, keep harmony with the people around you.


KingCamp has become the leading manufacturer of outdoor camping gear with a wild spread distribution channel covering more than 46 countries worldwide and is still rapidly expanding.


Brand positioning: Regular Family Camping. Whether it is hiking, trekking or car camping, KingCamp is focusing on bringing the family outdoors to engage the beauty of nature. KingCamp is not only a brand, but also represents a healthy state-of-the-art way of life, and guides people to easily and comfortably enjoy the outdoors close to nature.


Brand slogan: Comfort with Nature. KingCamp focuses on the actual relationships between loved ones, creating products that allow you to focus your energy on human interaction than gears.


KingCamp has won the “ADI COMPASSO D‘ORO International Award 2017”, the “Red Dot Award: Product Design 2019”, the ISPO Award, and became a supplier partner of Tesla in 2018.


For more than a decade, KingCamp has been working with nonprofit organizations around the world, doing our best to assist people in natural disasters.

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